Good News, First

Art this year has looked different around here. I’ve been refining my style, which has started to feel like a natural extension of myself. I’ve also been more selective about which events I attend so I can make the best use of my time and resources while also preventing burnout (after all, I do run another business full-time).

Bad News, Second

Tomato Art Fest was last Saturday and is always my favorite event of the year. A huge THANK YOU to those who came out! Unfortunately, we were hit with major weather (I’m talking 4+ inches of water), seen in the videos below and on my Instagram (@hannahvaughngogh). That means:

At least 90% of my inventory was damaged and/or is unsalvageable.

For my art business, getting ready for Tomato Art Fest is the majority of my prep for the rest of the year’s shows and inventory all at once, so this is a major loss. Not only did I miss important sales from the event itself but also lost:

  • Opportunities to connect and build relationships with more people like you at the event,
  • Weeks of prep time and investment in the pieces that were destroyed,
  • Time and money moving forward to purchase a new tent, source all new materials, and reprint my entire inventory for the year.

Because of that, I humbly ask for your support and help! Please consider making a purchase, donating here, or sharing this with friends and family. Every little bit goes a long way to securing a new tent, supplies, and re-stocking products. I couldn’t do this without you! I love making and sharing my art, and your support helps me get back to doing that faster.

Plus, for every purchase you make to support me, you’ll receive a FREE tomato collage sticker as a small token of my thanks!

No code necessary.

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