Trauma to Drama

Trauma to Drama May 11th, 2019Victoria, who studies drama and theater at Lipscomb University, shares her experiences with anxiety and PTSD after a traumatic car accident.NAME — Victoria Thompson AGE — 21 OCCUPATION — Theatre student at Lipscomb University HOMETOWN —...

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Changing Seasons, Changing Mood

Changing Seasons, Changing Mood May 5th, 2019Even though Bailie noticed early on that what she was feeling wasn’t the norm for most people her age, she didn’t initially have the support she needed to get to the root of the issue.NAME — Bailie Fite AGE — 22 OCCUPATION...

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Mar(general)ized May 2nd, 2019Lo often felt marginalized and unable to share her struggles despite knowing others who suffered from mental health issues. But today, she speaks out with confidence.NAME — Lo Elizabeth Troutt AGE — 20 OCCUPATION — Retail with an online...

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